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The Propaganda Report

Oct 31, 2016

Nov. 1st, 2016 - Comey's Halloween Trick & Target Objectives of the presidential election PSYOP.

On episode 8 of the Propaganda Report, we explore the short and long-range objectives behind the ongoing media psyop involving the presidential race. 

For detailed show notes and links to discussion points, see Monica's Show Notes

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- FBI Director Comey's Halloween surprise: Trick, Treat, or Propaganda? 

- Total internet control to the government in the name of privacy. 

- Might Hillary be replace by someone who could never be elected? 

- They don't have to waste money on campaigning. We will pay for own propagandizing

- The parities have been transformed. We only have one party. 

- People will demand a conservative welfare state. 

- Is Donald Trump Batman?