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The Propaganda Report

Nov 9, 2016

Nov. 8th, 2016 - The Clinton's helped a group of wealthy, child abusing pedophiles get immunity under a "non-prosecution of co-conspirators" clause, convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was a founding member of the Clinton Foundation, how planted media stories subvert your search for the truth, Hillary Clinton's ongoing communist propaganda campaign, comparing Donald Trump's connections to Jeffrey Epstein with Bill and Hillary's connections to Jeffrey Epstein and how understanding propaganda reveals the illusion and makes anything possible.....on this 10th Episode of the Propaganda Report.

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We'll be adding more stuff when we update the show notes. The video of the second debate camera framing will be added once we finish editing it. And the Jeffrey Epstein court document we referred to through the show will be added once we figure out how to do that. Until then, I've included an image of the plea negotiation letter to the United States Attorney where Alan Dershowitz states, on Jeffrey Epstein's behalf, that Jeff Epstein helped start the Clinton Foundation.

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Ernst & Young Stopped Requiring College Degree

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Harvard Business, The Degree Is Doomed


The following image is the portion of the plea negotiation letter where it is admitted that Epstein helped state the Clinton Foundation

Jeffrey Epstein Plea Negotiation Letter To U.S. Attorney


The following image is of the final paragraph of Epstein's plea negotiation letter. I for to mention this portion in reference to how Epstein and Dershowitz used the plea negotiation letter as an official threat to the U.S. Attorney of what will happen if Epstein is prosecuted. 


This is a not so subtle threat.

The following image is of the non-prosecution of co-conspirators clause. 

Portion of Non-Prosecution of Co-Conspirators Clause

The following image is taken from the plea deal. They originally attempted to make the deal non-discoverable even by an FOA request, because they were attempting prevent the victims from finding out about the deal.

They attempted to prevent the victims from discovering the plea deal.