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The Propaganda Report

Oct 25, 2016

Oct 23rd, 2016 - Ron Paul talks conspiracies, a truly libertarian society, and carrying on the fight for liberty with Monica Perez. 

Monica interviews the former presidential candidate, Doctor Ron Paul. 

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2:28: How to get past the political correctness and have a productive conversation?

3:11: You combat them with ideas. 

3:39: Rights don't go to groups.

7:30: I never thought I'd get elected. 

12:00: In an empire, truth is what they hate the most. 

9:52: If someone is closed-minded, I don't deal with them. 

10:26: I believe in conspiracies, but only the ones that are true. 

21:26: Its either really stupid, or they like the chaos.

22:20: This idea that you can travel back and forth and have trade is a wonderful thing. 

23:13: I believe we should be leaders, but not authoritarian leaders.