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The Propaganda Report

Oct 25, 2016

Oct. 23rd, 2016 - Bias Media, Hidden Cameras, Rigged Elections, and Man On The Street on this 7th episode of the Propaganda Report. 


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Thank you to Bob Wood at Relapse Theatre for helping out with filming Man On The Street. 

7:25: To take down the Clintons, you have to expose Jeffrey Epstein's connections to the founding of the Clinton Foundation

7:57: All the mainstream media is on the same side. 

9:08: It's an inversion of reality. It's unbelievable the things Hillary says. 

10:10: Chris Wallace was terrible.

10:28: Hillary's discussion of the Russians was ridiculous. 

15:47: We're being set up for conflict after this election. 

24:00: Calling Ron Paul's foreign policy dangerous is hilarious. 

25:02: Everything Trump touches goes into the deplorable basket. 

25:30: The more conflict they have, the more people will beg for regulations, the easier than can transform society under the illusion of democracy. 

36:06: The word fair has been hijacked to mean equal which is not what it means. 

38:00: Man On The Street: We ask people to define freedom. 

47:00: I hear politicians equating freedom with war. They tell you that we have to start wars in other countries for freedom.