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The Propaganda Report

Jul 27, 2021

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The Propaganda Report Podcast: Propaganda In The Olympics, The Flimsy Legal "Precedent" On Vaccine Mandates & Pelosi's House Select Committee On Rewriting History (DNB) 

The Propaganda Report – Take a deep dive beneath the surface the story (

Part I: Inside The CFR's Fear-Based Pro Vaccine Propaganda Campaign

PART II: Inside The CFR's Fear-Based Pro Vaccine Propaganda Campaign (2/2)

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SHOW NOTES & LINKS,at%20the%20ports%20is%20fooling%20him%20or%20herself.

"Miami-Dade County police said as many as 99 people are reported missing. There were 102 people from the building who had been accounted for. The part of the tower that collapsed held 55 units. The remainder of the 136-unit tower remained standing, though residents have been evacuated.

"Nearly 70% of Champlain Towers South was occupied by primary homeowners and second homeowners, said Romanello by email and text. Units ranged from 1,500-square-foot, two-bedroom apartments to 2,200-square-foot, three-bedroom condos."

"The remains of Estelle Hedeya, 54, were finally identified by authorities, the victim’s younger brother told the Associated Press. A total of 242 people are now accounted for, Levine Cava said.

the first time i saw this video i didn't notice the flashes near the ground floor before the collapse