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The Propaganda Report

Sep 26, 2016

Sept. 26, 2016 - Making Us Beg for More Government, Demonizations, & Self-fulfilling Prophecies On This 4th Episode of The Propaganda Report. 


Ep. 4 of the Propaganda Report with WSB's Monica Perez, and Brad Binkley.

In episode 4 our theme is the strategy of tension: We discuss:
- The agenda behind the chaos in the news.
- How tension is being used to make people beg for more government control.
- The demonization of stereotypes and the self-fulfilling prophecies it creates.
- How ambiguous and unclear the police shootings in Tulsa and Charlotte are.
- Plato, Aristotle, Machiavelli, and the Moral Philosophy of The Global Elites
- The foreign culture of global elites.... The shocking case of the massive Jimmy Savile Cover Up
- The untapped and infinite human potential.

And, we tell you what to look out for in the news.

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2:00: Operation Gladio

3:09: Strategy of Tension, False Flags

4:31: Cultivation Study: The effects of violence in the media over a long period of time.

7:18: Validating Militarization of The Police

8:40: Edward Bernays Propaganda....(He was a propagandists for the government and big business from 1917 until his death 1995....not quite 100 years...but close.)

9:56: Self-fulfilling Prophecies

12:29: Reinstitution of police body cameras brought to you by propaganda

13:25: Our brains don't like ambiguity. We have to take sides.

16:18: We see the stereotypes not the person behind the stereotypes

19:22 Neither candidate makes a difference.

20:19: Plato vs. Aristotle

21:02: Staged looking protest photos, "Why Do You Keep Killing Us?

22:28: Pointing out that racism comes from both sides makes you a racist.

23:13: Race division is used to divide and conquer

25: 30: The moral philosophy of the elites. Machiavellian

26:56: A ruler must lie.

29:15: The purpose of the deplorables is to create a despised minority.

35:38: We're do propagandized.....we can't talk about it. We're conditioned.

36:32: We react to how we feel about the symbol.

37:02: The media paints entire groups with the worst case scenario stereotype of each group.

38:28: Don't touch me or my stuff.

39:20: In group. vs. out group

40:10: You're leaders in Washington are not on your team. They're globalist.......We enter the rabbit hole.

41:47: The disturbing case of elite pedophile Jimmy Savile (He was knighted by the pope and the queen)

46:04: A Real Peace for All People

48:04: Oh, you want to go into the Lizard people?

50:25: If' that's not a collapse in the faith of the democratic system, I don't know what is.

51:00: The Tulsa shooting dash and helicopter cam

57:15: How The Wall Street Journal Presented The News of The Charlotte Shooting of Keith Lamont Scott

59:20: The vulgar video that the Wall Street Journal didn't mention... from a woman claiming to be Scott's daughter.

1:03: A video filmed by a woman claiming to be Keith Scott's sister.

1:07:30: Facebook is a tool of propaganda. Mindless Herds on Demand, The Digital Herd.

109:40: What To Look Out For


Keith Lamont Scott Family Sister Explains What Happened, Won't Give Name To Reporters

Keith Lamont's Daughter Berating Officers

Keith Lamont's Daughter Full Facebook Live That Triggered Riots

Keith Lamont's Wife Video Before And After Shooting

Tulsa Shooting, Police Dash Cam and Helicopter Cam