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The Propaganda Report

Nov 18, 2017

The apparent sexual harassment epidemic, triggered by the #metoo movement, seems to be spiraling out of control. With each new day comes a handful of new allegations of high profile sexual misconduct. From Roy Moore, to Al Franken to George Bush Sr. The Weinstein Effect they call it. But is this truly a tipping point? Or are these revelations designed to cover up something worse. 

On today's episode of the Propaganda Report Podcast, we talk about the true purpose behind the avalanche of sexual assault and sexual harassment claims. We identify the specific agenda's that are being pushed forward on the backs of the outrage, and we discuss ways this could fundamental transform American society.



1:38 - They can retroactively condemn you in the court of public opinion and shame you to death.

4:08 - The Weinstein effect

13:19 - This whole thing is an attack on the first amendment.

15:35 -This is Communist in its nature.

17:28 - A high number of accusations isn't evidence in and of itself. That's a fallacious argument.

19:14 - If everyone is guilty, no one is guilty and it is called a societal problem and the send people to treatment instead of punishing anyone.

22:22 - If you ask someone out who does't like you, you're being branded a sexual abuser.

23:18 - It's all subjective. If someone feels assaulted, they're assaulted. No more letter of the law. It's all about how people FEEL.

33:00 When someone is guilty, they accuse everyone so that the one person can't be prosecuted. You can't prosecute everyone.

33:33 - What they're ignoring, intentionally, is the pedophilia.

35:41 - You know they're full of it because they're not talking about how Bill Clinton flew on the Lolita express with Kevin Spacey and Jeffrey Epstein.

42:45 - They're using this to fundamental change the justice system.

45:00 - MK Ultra

47:28 - Screen time has a similar effect on kids minds as heroin.

58:23 - What exactly is the definition of sexually assault.

52:54 - They don't go by the letter of the law because it would exclude people and they want their potential victim base to be broad enough to include anyone.

1:02:08 - Let's go through this list of action they want people to take to stop sexual assault.

1:02:18 - All men need to be held accountable, even those who enabled. You're guilty if someone you see does something and you don't stop them. 

5:07 I heard 6 years ago that Louis C.K. loved to pull his junk out. Anyone who says they were shocked by this is lying.

7:19 - No one cares if they like they person. If they don't. It's sexual assault.

1:05:15 - Uber drivers are accusing passengers of sexual assault. This plays into the driver less car agenda.

1:10:32 - They want policy that would enable accusers to remain anonymous. No more right to face your accuser.

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