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The Propaganda Report

Oct 7, 2017

While the truth about the mass shooting in Las Vegas remains unclear, there is one thing we know for sure. Regardless of how horrifying a story might be, the media will always put their political agenda above reporting the truth. On today's show; The 4 agenda items that this latest tragedy will be exploited to serve. The left attempts to shame gun advocates. Stephen Paddock's father was a con man and master of disguise who escaped from prison, moved to Oregon, changed his appearance, took on a fake name and lived a very social life for nearly a decade without the authorities noticing. Did the son take after the father? Indivisible disseminates dangerous propaganda to their followers. Look out for snipers in helicopters at the next concert you go to. And Hillary Clinton shows up to the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallen to get her ass kissed by Miley Cyrus. 

* Correction - There is a leaked photo of the body from the crime scene. It's unrecognizable. How long does it take to identify a body in such circumstances? 




The Organizational Weapon - A Study of Bolshevik Strategy & Tactics (RAND Series)

Report from Iron Mountain


Girl Said She Was Warned Before Shooting (Have you heard the phrase, "a short 5 footer"?

Stephen Paddock's Brother, 1st Interview

Stephen Paddock's Brother, 2nd Interview

The Killer's Con Man Father

Miley Cyrus Writes Hillary A Letter on Jimmy Fallen's Show

Podcast about Michael Chertoff

Contrary Law of Democracy 

Atlant Considering SWAT Snipers In Helicopters & Drones

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