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The Propaganda Report

Nov 14, 2016

Monday, Nov. 14th, 2016 - Anti-Trump protesters flood the streets to smash cop cars, start dumpster fires, and attack Trump supporters. Their anger is being fueled by disinformation and propaganda from the mainstream media who pretends to want the country to heal. Yet despite this claim, the media provokes more protests, which have devolved to rioting, with every story they report. 

On this 11th episode of the Propaganda Report we look at stories intentionally designed to further enraged the mob which are being used to keep the country in a chronic state of civil unrest. We also briefly talk about the truth behind Pearl Harbor.

Links to books and documents mentioned are below.

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Also in this episode:

- Hillary Clinton supporters have lost their mind, and they're completely oblivious to it. 

- How Atrocity Propaganda works. 

- Hillary Loses! Cancel everything!

- Hillary blames Comey.

- Post Election Stress Syndrome.

- The ideal propagandee is.....

- Burn the electoral college!

- A Very Disturbing Mannequin Challenge

- Peal Harbor: An Inside Job?

Video of Hillary supporter who wants her to walk into Supreme Court and change electoral.

Articles Fueling Protests

Is Trump Hedging On His Promises?

Will Trump Speak Out Against Bigots?

Michal Moore - Our Job Is To Make Sure Trump Doesn't Take Office

Michael Moore - Get Out and Protest

North Carolina GOP Condemns KKK Parade

LGBT Community Fears Backlash of Trump Victory

The Mannequin Challenge Takes on Racism in Frozen Frames

Voters target Electoral College members to switch their Trump ballots, elect Clinton




Book Recommendation 

Propaganda Technique in the World War

Article about the opening of the Russian archives after WWI revealing the truth behind the purpose of the war. 

The titles of archives and documents mentioned in the article and in the show are in the "Notes" section of the article above. You can find most of them by doing a google search of "title, author, pdf" You can find a surprising amount of books and documents by adding "PDF" to your searches.