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The Propaganda Report

Oct 16, 2016

Oct. 16, 2016 - Rock Legends Shill for The Government & Media Hypocrisy On This 6th Episode of The Propaganda Report. 


**Correction at 18:22. He brought 3 of Clinton's accusers, not 4. The fourth was the victim of one of Hillary's former clients. 

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In episode 6 of the propaganda report, we cover;

- 6 rock legends gather on one stage in shill for the government. 

- Out of control mainstream media hypocrisy and rape propaganda. 

- The elites are openly publishing their destabilization plans..... AND

- Bill Clinton started hookup culture? 


11:15: I'm surprised people didn't walk out.......Trump in a KKK hood. Trump with a tiny penis. Trump as a pig. It was so obviously plaining into this dialectic. Art is supposed to make you think. 

13:32: Music and culture craft society. 

16:31 Do out of work white guys have the opportunity to walk up to rich, married women, and start pawing them. 

18:08: Bill Clinton's black son speaks. Everyone has been raped, and the media proves they care nothing about women and everything about the Clinton's.

20:12: In order to bring the Clinton's down, Jeffrey Epstein has to become part of the public conversation. 

21:38: Fighting sexism changes when someone accuses the Clinton's. 

23:29: These woman can't even tell their story without being called crazy by the media while any and everyone who accuses Trump of rape is automatically and unquestionably believed. 

29:21: They deliver conclusive judgments into the public mind and assumptions are never questioned. 

30:00: If someone came forward and claimed to be raped by Donald Trump and Bill Clinton on the same night, the media would be perplexed about how to present this person. 

36:46: Hillary is profoundly unlikeable.

38:48: They've created such an emotionally charged environment with this overwhelming sea of propaganda. We are buried. 

39:08: People are literally fighting over whose side is less rapey. 

40:30: They focus your brain on the story, and we don't see anything else. 

48:48: I don't think that Michelle Obama is a lizard person.......or a man. 

56:15: Bill Clinton started hookup culture?

1:08:00: They have to convince us to kill these people and steal from them....that we need to do it.