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The Propaganda Report

Oct 8, 2016

Oct. 7, 2016 - Trump: Which Side Is He On & BLM has been hijacked by communists on this 5th episode of the Propaganda Report. 


In this 5th episode of the Propaganda Report, we discuss:

- Racing through the winding roads of the Swiss Alps

- Debate lies and how Mike Pence is the cardboard cutout that Republicans long for.

- Whether or not Donald Trump is controlled opposition or a true American patriot. 

- The evidence that Colin Kaepernick's protest and Black Lives Matter has been hijacked by communist.

And much more.

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- @5:55 "Tim Kaine is the craziest psychopath in this whole circus." 

- @9:10 "He (Tim Kaine) is Hillary Clinton's Attack Goon.

- @13:00 Hillary will be elected to bring more war to Syria, Libya, and here at home, in the United States.

- @14:00 "He (Mike Pence) might as well be a cardboard cutout with a GOP tape playing in the background." 

- @18:04 Debates are full of nothing. It's all empty language. The purpose is sound bites.

- @20:21 "I think Trump's completely in on it."

- @21:45 (Trump in on it, or fighting it?)

- @23:15 The Trump phenomenon is a way to completely transform to GOP party into a party that embraces big government, what Irving Krystal called, The Conservative Welfare State

- @23:55 "The libertarian party will be sabotaged."

- @25:30 Trump, as a private citizen, battled big government bureaucracy and inefficiency as in the 80's.

- @26:55 "In order to get a really good puppet, you need an ego maniac.......You can tell them what to do and they think it is there own idea."

- @29:07 "This thing (Trump) has been in the works for 4 years or longer."

- @30:00 It's layer upon layer of deeply complex propaganda. If he is legitimate, he's Americanism, and she's Globalism. But you have to consider the possibility of him being controlled opposition. 

- @32:25 "His (Trump) daughter is literally in bed with the son of Hillary's biggest donor." 

- @33:55 "He (Mike Pence) looks like Cotton Hill. (from King of the Hill)

- @37:54 "He (Tim Kaine) is like every girl I've ever dated."

- @45:09 "The number one skill politicians develop throughout their lives is manipulation." 

- @46:43 If you're in a coffee shop and you ask a nun to watch your laptop because you have to go to the bathroom, she'll steal your laptop because she's the person you'd least expect to. 

- @47:00 "Elite criminals cloak themselves under a halo of goodness."

- @48:00 Debates are unrealistic. "You have 2 minutes to solve terrorism.....Go."

- @56:49 "The best spies comes off as the most credible people." Spies are here for decades. They start families without the families knowing.

- @1:02:00 "Not all propaganda is bad."......White, grey, and black propaganda. 

- @1:09:00 Trump....saving American on a budget. 

- @1:08:49 "The fate of the free world depends on this election.....and this guy (Trump) is trying to save money by not spending it on advertising."

- @1:26:04  They gradually transform society while maintaining the illusion of democracy. 

- 1:30:40 Talking about the "social good" that the Clinton Foundation does is an intentional distraction from the fact that a prolific convicted pedophile helped started the Clinton Foundation.

- 1:31:48 "Elite criminals hide their criminal behavior under the guise of social good."

- @139:30 "They're working hard to roll out driverless cars....It's about dependency."

- @143:08 "Colin Kaepernick's protest and Black Lives Matter have been taken over by communist."