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The Propaganda Report

Aug 21, 2019

Boy Scouts caught up in sexual abuse scandal. Fake outrage around Trump's Greenland inquiry escalates. Jeffrey Epstein's cellmate, who is literally a beast, says he's being threatened, and Climate Change propaganda is coming at us from all angles, directly and indirectly.

Trump Says Danish Prime Minister Was ‘Nasty’...

Aug 20, 2019

Gun control agenda amps up, Study links Fluoride to lower IQ's, Gillibrand says Al Franken has a path to redemption after leading the charge to oust him. The Resistance encouraged to model themselves after Hong Kong Resistance. Ghislaine Maxwell In and Out Burger photos staged. Chuck Woolery sparks Twitter...

Aug 19, 2019

DriveTime Prop: Pre-Crime, Bio-Hacking Laws, Smart Car HWY, & Stacey Abrams (2019.08.19)

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